Tyros 2 (f)lightcases

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Unique lightweight Flightcases, specially designed and build for the Tyros 2!


From this day on music shop Oostendorp is selling the unique Tyros 2 lightweight flightcase system. The already famous

cases are redesigned to fit the specific needs for the Yamaha Tyros 2. The (f)lightcase comes with the original Yamaha

Tyros 2 logo! The perfect fit gives the best protection available for your instrument. It’s no problem to lift the keyboard out

of the case thanks to two helpful cut-aways.  In the past it was necessary to keep extra space available for your fingers

to lift the keyboard out. This is negative for the fit and thus for the protection. But the Oostendorp Tyros 2 flightcase has

an optimal fit and optimal protection!


There is 1 type of flightcase for your Tyros 2:

Tyros 2 Flightcase               (Standard flightcase without bag and wheels, please call for the availability)


The Tyros 2 case is not available anymore with wheel and bag. You could order the Tyros3 case with bag and wheels.

The wheels helps to relieve your back, because you now have the possibility to carry the keyboard behind you. The bag is very useful for putting you cable’s, speaker mounts, pedal etc. away.


We have a special introduction price:
Tyros 2 Flightcase                for € 235,-

These prices are inclusive 19% VAT. Click here to order your case! Or here for your online order.


Look here for the photo's of the cases available for the original Tyros 2 speakers! Also handmade for the price of € 169,-.


These handmade flight cases are directly imported without interference of any 3rd party. This keeps the price low. Flightcases of this quality usually costs around € 275,- to € 300,-. Even the Yamaha Benelux personnel works with our (f)lightcases and they already have a Tyros 2 flightcase.


The flightcases can be shipped without any problems. The extra price depends on where you life. Please look here for a price indication.


Click on the pictures below to get a higher resolution image of the unique lightweight flightcases.